Hi 👋 I am Luis Oala. I work as research scientist on my PhD at the AI Department of Fraunhofer HHI (TODO: add link here to Wojciech’s site).

I try to understand how and why deep neural networks may fail.

To that end, I work at the intersection of uncertainty quantification, robustness and interpretability together with my students and collaborators. -> what are you working on?

My ultimate goal is to establish processes that enable us to audit machine learning systems and allow a reliable use even in high-stakes applications such as medicine.

For that purpose, I co-chair the working group in the Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Health (FG-AI4H) where we develop reference documentation, software and standards for the evaluation of health AIs. (TODO: add links to DAISAM, FGAI4H). Through this activity we formed a network of experts comprising technical, regulatory and use-case expertise, all with the shared goal to make AI auditing a reality.

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